alrite, so i never update in this thing b/c i have a greatestjournal and i personally think its better but since this is tha sn that i kan comment on avery on i decided to write something.....the end=D
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first entry this is my first entry on livejournal. i have a journal on diaryland but this one had a prettier layout so i decided to try it:D neways, today i went horseback riding and RITA TAUGHT! omg it was hilarious. shes like, this is horrible to everyone. it was hilarious! then i got home n took a shower n chrissie came over n we went to tha mall n walked to kohls. they were havin a really big sale so i got some cute new pants:) but then we came home n chilled 4 a while n talked. she just left n my sis just came home n shes all crabby so ima go now.
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